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1. (= debate) discussion un coloquio sobre el aborto a discussion about abortion charla-coloquio, conferencia-coloquio talk followed by a discussion 2. (= congreso) conference ⧫ symposium un coloquio internacional sobre el comercio an international trade conference or symposium 3. (formal) (= diálogo) dialogue ⧫ dialog (US) ⧫ colloquy (formal)

1. (chat) a. conversation Su coloquio sobre aves duró varias horas.Their conversation about birds lasted many hours. b. talk Una tercera persona interrumpió nuestro coloquio.A third person interrupted our talk. 2. (exchange of ideas) a. discussion

1 a : used in or characteristic of familiar and informal conversation In colloquial English, "kind of" is often used for "somewhat" or "rather." also : unacceptably informal b : using conversational style a colloquial writer 2 : of or relating to conversation : conversational colloquial expressions colloquial noun colloquiality kə-ˌlō-kwē-ˈa-lə-tē

Method 1 Choosing Formal Words Download Article 1 Improve your vocabulary to find better word choices. The best starting point for writing more formally is building a larger vocabulary. If you learn more words, you can replace nondescript words like "good" and "bad" with more formal alternatives like "negative."

👇👇👇 ÍNDICE DE CONTENIDO 👇👇👇01:32 ¿Qué es un Coloquio?03:17 ¿Cómo organizar un Coloquio? - Puntos Importantes05:03 Recomendaciones para el Material d... E ach colloquium will include two presentations. [...] by invited speakers, followed by a workshop-type discussion. Después de una jornada intensa de trabajo los asistentes a l IV Coloquio Inte rnacional por la liberación de los Cinco aprobaron unánimemente la declaración final.

1 (=debate) discussion. un coloquio sobre el aborto a discussion about abortion. charla-coloquio, conferencia-coloquio talk followed by a discussion. 2 (=congreso) conference, symposium. un coloquio internacional sobre el comercio an international trade conference o symposium. 3 frm (=diálogo) dialogue, dialog (EEUU) , colloquy frm.

Esta mañana no voy a extenderme tanto sobre ese coloquio sobre la igualdad profesional cuanto sobre los temas que he seleccionado para la Conferencia de Ministros del 27 de octubre. I shall not, however, be talking about the Conference on Professional Equality so much as the issues I have put on the agenda for the Ministerial Conference on 27 ...

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coloquio nm. (conversación: diálogo) conversation n. talk n. Me has hablado de un montón de cosas pero todavía no sé adónde quieres llegar con todo este coloquio. You've talked about a lot of things but I still don't understand where you want to go with this conversation. coloquio nm. (reunión: debate)

Spanish Pronunciation of Coloquio. Learn how to pronounce Coloquio in Spanish with video, audio, and syllable-by-syllable spelling from Latin America and Spain.

Spanish Synonyms of "coloquio": conversación, diálogo, plática Define meaning of "coloquio": Conversación, diálogo, debate entre dos o más personas. ; Reunión que convoca a un número indeterminado de personas para debatir cualquier cuestión. Translate "coloquio" to English: colloquium, discussion group, colloquy

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Italian: ·talk, conversation Synonyms: chiacchierata (informal), conversazione, discussione· interview, meeting colloquio di lavoro ― job interview· talks, negotiations Synonym: negoziato·first-person singular present indicative of colloquiare

The World's Fastest Dictionary | coloquio Add to list Share Definitions of coloquio n formal conversation Type of: conversación the use of speech for informal exchange of views or ideas or information etc. n a conversation especially a formal one Type of: conferencia, congreso

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